Ellis on the Move

On his weblog Die Puny Humans, comic creator Warren Ellis‘ (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, ORBITER, PLANETARY) is talking a lot about mobility of late. Seems he’s looking into getting a picture-enabled mobile phone, and transforming the site into something that reflects the greater mobility and road documentation he wants to exercise. Mentioning this site, it looks like he might try multiple streams, like I do with my various blogs on this page (Nej, Tokyo Boy, and TB.Grafico). He’s actually been moblogging for years with a Handspring device, but it’s time to upgrade, and mobile phones are where it’s at right now.

As far as his work goes, he’s got a few interesting books that have recently been released which I’ll include in my next order with Amazon Japan. Stuff like the latest TRANSMETROPOLITAN trade (DIRGE), ORBITER (a graphic novel illustrated by Colleen Doran), and SWITCHBLADE HONEY (taking the piss out of Star Trek). In the serialized side of things (which I don’t pick up, I’m strictly into graphic novels and trade paperbacks), starting this month is TOKYO STORM WARMING, which he describes as “a gentle piss-take of the giant robot genre played straight.” He’s also 8 issues into GLOBAL FREQUENCY. Lots of good stuff to read.