Immigration Office

So, as mentioned in Tokyo Boy, I had to go to the new immigration offices in Shinagawa to pick up a multiple re-entry permit. Now, I’ve already written a few times about the hell that is the immigration office in Japan. Even worse is the fact that they’ve now closed all the regional offices (I used to go the Shibuya one). They’ve combined everything in one new center, which you unfortunately have to reach by bus. Well, it actually ended up being smoother than I thought. As I got to the Shinagawa station, there were English signs pointing to the bus that I needed to take. As for the stop, it was pretty easy to notice as it was the one where all the foreigners got off (and there were quite a few of us). The center itself is very spatious and modern, which made for a nice change. Everything is properly indicated, there are way more counters for all the sections, and the seats were comfortable. The wait also wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. All in all, it went very smoothly, which is quite shocking in itself.

Listening to “Embroidered Purse (Shanxi Folk Song)” from the album Orchestral Adaptations from Beautiful Chinese Folk Songs by the Central Philharmonic.