Before Korea

This is more than likely the last post I’ll be writing before the trip to Seoul. I’ll be moblogging all day, but only at the 24:00 site, which I mentioned the other day. I’ll start posting as soon as I wake up (which will certainly not be at 8). I might add those posts later to the Tokyo Boy moblog, but do visit the 24:00 site during the day for the latest updates by all the people involved. Should be fun.

As always, a huge thank you to my musical pimp, Patrick, for some great additions to my iPod for the trip. On the way over I have Towa Tei’s new compilation, TOWA TEI/BEST/KOREA (Towa Tei is actually of Korean descent, although I think he was born in Japan), and for the way back the SOB-A-MBIENT compilation I mentioned yesterday.

I’m checking now, and everything seems to be charged up (iPod, digital camera, MiniDV cam, mobile phone). We’re using for the first time the little suitcases (the kind you can bring with you on the plane) that we bought in Hong Kong a year and a half ago. Should make for a quicker entrance and exit at the airport. I’m not really planning on doing any posts from Korea, but who knows, I might just end up checking out one of those Internet cafes they say are so popular there, where people are playing network games all the time.