Top Search Strings for June

And here are the top search strings that led to my site in June. I always find these interesting.

1. bob sapp
2. happatai
3. last exile
4. ichat av rooms
5. last exile bittorrent
6. mac mods
7. rah xephon
8. steamboy
9. butt skirts
10. hajime sorayama
11. gigantism
12. interstella 5555
13. interstella 5555 dvd
14. milo store
15. tokyo boy
16. battle royale cosplay
17. bob sapp t-shirts
18. ichat av airport
19. lipton tea
20. murakami vuitton

Well, I’ve obviously used all of these words in at least one post I did during the month, but somehow I don’t think that the people that did those searches ended up getting the info they wanted. For instance, there are quite a few searches for anime (LAST EXILE, RAHXEPHON, STEAMBOY, INTERSTELLA 5555), but I probably only mentioned these things in one post. Seems like most of the stuff that I mention on the site isn’t stuff people are actively searching for. Oh well.