Momus Show

Tomorrow night (Saturday) there will be a free show by Momus at SuperDeluxe in Roppongi. For some reason I previously thought it was happening on a Friday, so figured I couldn’t go (not off from work early enough), but now I can go. Really glad too, especially since I missed the show he gave in June, but also because I’ll get to see Antonin (Digiki), who’s opening for him. The show starts at 7, and you can get more info on how to get there at the SuperDeluxe site.

Other Momus news: He recently posted another interesting essay on the site. On the front page you’ll find a link to an mp3, “Summerisle,” that will be featured on the album he recently recorded (due early 2004) with French artist Anne Laplantine. He also has some great pics from one of the new Mac Dining restaurants in Kyoto.