Momus at SuperDeluxe

So I made it to the Momus show at SuperDeluxe last night, and we were treated to a great show. I arrived during Robert Duckworth’s performance, so didn’t get to hear much of his stuff, but then Digiki took to the table and I was pleased to see him shaking about as he was playing with some sort of sampler, all the while setting things up on his iBook. As for Momus, he was sporting a nice yukata he recently picked up in Shimokitazawa, and I was treated to my first “real” performance by him. I say “real” because the last time I saw him was at a japtop gig where he didn’t have much space to move around, and followed the lead of the other “programmers” by staying near his iBook. But this time we were treated to jigs and monsters, and everything in between. The man gives a good show, and it doesn’t get boring. Seems like he’s still going to be based in Berlin for a while, but I hope it doesn’t stop him from spending some more time here.