Dreaming Pachinko

I just finished reading DREAMING PACHINKO, the third novel by Isaac Adamson. I’d been wanting to read one of his novels for a while now (as mentioned a few weeks ago), and decided to include the book in my latest order to Amazon. I can’t say that it’s an amazing read, but I did have a good time reading it, and went through it in just a few days (which is really good for me, I’ve been having trouble finishing books of late). I guess I got a kick out of reading a story that takes place in a world I know so well. Also didn’t hurt that the book takes place at the exact same time of year (July in Tokyo) and I would sometimes be reading a chapter that was taking place in the exact same area where I was reading it (like while waiting for a train at Nippori station, while main character Billy Chaka is doing some investigating in the area). If there’s one thing that bothered me a bit, it was the dialogue. I don’t know, there’s something about the slang the author uses that I just felt didn’t fit conversational Japanese (the characters are all supposed to be speaking in Japanese). But still, it was a fun read, and I’ll certainly pick up Adamson’s other two books (also featuring the same main character of Billy Chaka), TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH and HOKKAIDO POPSICLE.