Next Project

I feel like a new project is coming. I’m not exactly sure what kind of shape it will take, but I have things floating in my head, and I’m sort of bored with the status quo that seems to have set in on the site. I’m due for a new issue of GEISHA, and I do have some ideas for that (I’ve been thinking of creating an entire issue without any photos, since I tend to depend too much on them, a graphic-and-type only issue), but I also want to consider something totally new. I could also work on a new design for the site, since this one is about half a year old, and I like to keep things changing. I could just play around with the color scheme, but I think I want to try something more radical, but that will have to wait until I get back from my trip to Canada. As for the new project I have in mind, well, it would be something that wouldn’t be limited to the internet, since everything I do seems to be net-based, and I want to try something outside of that limited scope. Also, I’d definitely be interested in creating somekind of group project, with one or more people. I have some people in mind, and I might contact them in a few weeks, if I get those thoughts I’m having in order. Time to create the new.