As we were taking a midnight stroll a few nights ago, we passed in front of a neighborhood snack, and saw the mama-san walking one of her customers back to his home nearby. A snack is like a very small bar, usually only a counter and a few seats, run by one person (and usually the only employee) who is usually a woman and is refered to as the mama-san. The people that go there tend to be regulars, and there’s a sort of family dynamic that forms (probably the reason for the mama-san title). MATTHEW’S BEST HIT TV always has a 30 second segment in which they show video footage from the Yukari Snack in Akabane, and we always get to see the Yukari Mama doing plain weird things with her customers. I’d like to go to one someday, but I think I lack the courage to do so, especially since I don’t feel like my Japanese would stand up to a night of drinking.