Settlers of Catan

B00001ZT4D.01.TZZZZZZZIt’s quite obvious that I’m really into games, and for the past year I’ve been really intrigued by a board game called THE SETTLERS OF CATAN. Winner of game of the year awards in Germany (where it’s from) and the US when it was released (95 and 96 respectively), it’s a strategy game that depends on building and trading rather than war. The game has become a sort of phenomenon, and has spawned tons of expansions. I spotted the game in a shop here in Moncton and decided to pick it up (I never ordered it through the Net while in Tokyo because the shipping charges were always too high, almost the price of the game itself). I’ll get to play it once or twice with friends here before I leave, and I’d like to know if anyone out there in Tokyo-land would be interested in playing when I get back. I love board games, but have never met any fellow gamers there, so I’m a bit worried that the game might end up gathering dust in my closet. The game is played by 3-4 players.