Top 20 Search Strings

I like to look at these every once in a while, and so here are the top search strings that lead here during the first 2-3 weeks of August.

1. juon 2 – There can’t be a lot of info online for this film if my site is turning up on searches.

2. battle royale cosplay – No, I do not partake in any form of cosplay. Really.

3. jean snow – Nice to know that some people are actually looking for ME.

4. lupin the 3rd pics – Lupin is cool. Lupin’s theme song is cool. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pick up one of the 3 remix albums produced by Yasuharu Konishi called PUNCH THE MONKEY! The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra version has always been one of my favorites.

5. bibimbap – Regarding the discussion we had about the proper spelling of it, I guess this must be the right one if many people are searching for it.

6. woori bank – Oh my, I hope my diss doesn’t turn off people looking to open an account there.

7. happatai – Still can’t believe they performed on the KIMMEL LIVE show. That was surreal.

8. bob sapp – Always a popular search string. I read in the news yesterday that after a fight at a K-1 tournament in the US, Mike Tyson jumped on stage and challenged him to a fight, which he accepted. That should bring in huge ratings in Japan.

9. rah xephon – I downloaded the whole series, but I still haven’t had time to watch it.

10. ju-on 2 – Comes out this month in Japan. Supposed to be even scarier than the first one.

11. last exile pictures – Very good anime series. Only a few more episodes left.

12. sapp time – No, please don’t tell me that people are searching for info on this dreadful Bob Sapp single. Please.

13. steamboy – Definitely one of the things I am most looking forward to seeing in 2004. Katsuhiro Otomo is responsible for bringing me into the world of Japanese manga.

14. yumiko kayukawa – Great artist, and glad I can help put the word out.

15. last exile bittorrent – Searching for a series’ name and bittorrent on Google never works. Trust me.

16. penis festival – Yes, I am the master of the penis festival.

17. last exile – Like I said, great series. It’s getting released on DVD in North America in November I think.

18. kano sisters – I hate them so.

19. oh! mikey – Looking forward to seeing the 3rd DVD of the series. Patrick, did you buy it yet?

20. sketch show tronica – This was an interesting EP, well worth picking up. If you don’t know this band, pick their full length album instead.