Back in Tokyo

As you can see by all the new posts, I’m back in Tokyo, and getting back into my regular groove. The trip back was OK I guess (although I’m definitely starting to hate Newark airport – sorry, but the general American force is not a kind one, and I was shocked by the way me and Yuko were treated on both stops there), made better by the fact that on the New York-Tokyo flight I was sitting next to a very interesting guy from New York, and we ended up chatting during most of the flight (a 14-15 hour flight at that). His day job is writing jingles for TV and radio ads and spots, and he also plays in a band. They’ll be playing a few gigs in Tokyo next week, and he invited me to go. I’m still feeling the effects of jet lag, but am trying hard to get back to normal. Ended up not going to the onedotzero_nippon festival yesterday as I couldn’t find out if there were still tickets available (last year the programs I wanted to see were all sold out, and I got on waiting lists) and didn’t feel like chancing it. It’s a good thing I didn’t go since I got dead tired at around the time the program would have started, and ended up taking a 2 hour nap. I imagine I’ll still get to see most of the same shorts at the Resfest festival in November.