Haneru no Tobira


The other day I got my HANERU NO TOBIRA t-shirt in the mail, which I ordered online when I got back from Tokyo. HANERU NO TOBIRA is one of my favorite comedy shows (Fuji TV on Mondays at 00:35), and features the comedy groups Robert, King Kong, Hokuyo, Impulse, and Drunk Dragon. They had a great live episode this week in which they performed in front of a huge outdoor audience in Odaiba (location of the Fuji building), and the fictional visual-kei band Pink Hallelujia performed a new single. It was hilarious, especially when the groupies got on stage and started pumping up the air guitar action. They finished off with a rendition of their “Pa-Pa-Panties” song in which they all do a traditional matsuri-style dance with panties on their heads. The audience had also brought extra panties, and promptly put them on their heads to join in the fun. Priceless.