I’m not at all familiar with the world of stage, and it’s not something I’ve had great interest in exploring, but this show at the New National Theatre Tokyo Play House (September 8-21) called NOCTURNE sounds very interesting. Here’s what REALTOKYO says:

Those who have been waiting patiently are finally rewarded with Ishin-ha’s performance in Tokyo. While here they’re not so well known yet, their fantasy-style performance mixing nostalgic and futuristic elements is immensely popular in the Kansai area. The company is mainly known for their original style of delivering lines on top of rhythms that could be taken from rap or Balinese Kecak music, but the grand scale of carefully worked-out stage art and settings are equally outstanding features. This time the stage will be made up of sets that takes no less than 11 (!) trucks to carry around, and since these are used to frequently change the stage layout completely, it’s going to be an exciting and breathtaking spectacle. Go and experience a whole new world of performing arts!