Shi Mian Mai Fu

Great, great news from the MonkeyPeaches site (covers Asian film news). Seems like Zhang Yimou has started work on his HERO follow-up, and it’s going to be another martial-arts film. Starring Zhang Ziyi, it brings togeter a few HK stars (and Takeshi Kaneshiro) in a film that promises to be another must-see (for those who haven’t yet had the chance to see HERO, blame Miramax, who have the North American distribution rights, but have been sitting on the film for close to a year now). Here’s the full article:

The top executives of Beijing New Picture have started talking to reporters in China. The working title of the second martial-art film by Zhang Yimou is Shi Mian Mai Fu (Ambush from Ten Directions). It is the title of a 16th Century music piece, usually performed with pipa, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. The story is set in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Zhang Ziyi will take the leading role, a blind entertainer. We have seen her fight in many movies, and this time we will see her dance on the big screen for the first time. Andy Lau and Jin Chengwu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) play two cops, both are in love with the blind girl. Anita Mui will play Zhang Ziyi’s big sister. Compared to Hero, the new one will look more like a pure martial-art film, and the story will be richer and more intricate. Action director Ching Siu-Tung, costume designer Emi Wada and composer Tan Tun will return to take their old jobs in Hero. Two third of the film will be shot in Ukraine even though its a story happens in China. Ukraine was chosen after Zhang Yimou scouted various locations in China, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries. Over sixty local farmers have been caring for flowers planted on a large field for three months. It will be at least as expensive as Hero (US$ 30 million). An overseas partner is needed to share the cost and it will not be MiramAxe. Shooting will start on in Ukraine September 11, the Mid Autumn Festival of China. Zhang Yimou and Zhang Ziyi have already arrived in Ukraine yesterday and the rest will soon follow.