Wonderful Days

So last night I finally watched the Korean animated film WONDERFUL DAYS and, well, wow. The animation in this film is truly amazing stuff, a simply beautiful mix of traditional hand-drawn animation with CG backgrounds and vehicles. This mix doesn’t always work, but here they’ve managed to create an environment that visually works. There’s nothing really special about the storyline (evil masters of a city must destroy the environment to sustain said city’s energy), but on a visual level, it’s hard to find better. The film has been compared to AKIRA (biggest budget ever for an animated film in Korea, cool sci-fi designs), which I don’t think it comes close to (in part because of AKIRA’s amazing storyline, which is supported by the massive manga series). But still, if you’re into animation, do try to see this. I think I read somewhere that it will get a North American release, although properly very limited, in theatres.