As I moblogged the other day, I finally had a chance to have a bowl of ramen at the new Taishouken shop, and well, I was very, very disapointed. The noodles were tasty (they make them on the premises), but the soup was average (I must mention here that it was a fish based soup, which is my least favorite kind), as well as the meat. I just can’t understand what the big fuss is for this shop is, as there are still huge lines every day. The shop opens at 11:30, and in order to avoid lines we got there at 11:15, and by the time the shop opened there were at least 20 people standing behind us. Before you say that I probably don’t share the same tastes as the Japanese, Yuko also didn’t much care for her bowl. I can tell you that I won’t be going there again.