A-POC Event


There’s an event taking place for Miyake Issey’s A-POC line at the AXIS gallery (click the above link for more info). From REALTOKYO:

For the first time since he launched the Miyake Design Studio in 1970, Issey Miyake now lifts the veil and reveals the process involved in the making of A-POC’s pieces. A five-year long collaboration with Fujiwara Dai, A-POC has pursued possibilities to create clothing instantly with computer-programmed knitting or weaving machines. From simply A Piece Of Cloth — which A-POC stands for — Miyake makes yet another reverence to the textile tradition. Out of a constant exploration of the thread come new possibilities for the wear of the future. Graphic designer Satoh Taku offers a comprehensive explanation of the making of this year’s “baguette” knitted fabric in his display, and no less than three other designers — Taku, Yoshioka Tokujin, and Akita Kan — have also combined their efforts to provide a space inducing the forefront of our imagination. A-POC then is not just what you wear, it’s a state of mind.