Last night I did most of what is going to end up being the 8th issue of GEISHA. It’s the “simple” issue, and what I’ve tried to do is compile an entire issue with no use of pictures (since I tend to rely too much on those) and also a very limited use of colors (at first I was thinking that everything was going to be monochrome, but I opted instead for very light shades). My goal was to try something different with this issue, and I wanted to create something that felt very light and breezy. I’m sure a lot of you will not like it as it doesn’t have that Japanese iconography that is usually associated with every issue, but I really needed to go in a different direction with this one. Also, in a sense, I think it still does share a certain Japanese sensibility in its use of space and emptiness. But enough talk, I’ll try to get if finished tonight or tomorrow, and then post it online soon after that.