Microcinema DVDs

In the post I wrote yesterday about the different film festivals taking place in Tokyo, I mentioned that my priority was with the Resfest since most of the things shown there (i.e. shorts) tend to be harder to see anywhere else. Well, seems like a company called Microcinema International is making it much easier to see some of this stuff (from METROPOLIS):

Makers and fans of short independent film will be happy to hear that San Francisco-based Microcinema International recently announced a new DVD imprint, Microcinema Label. The group will be releasing a number of titles over the coming months, including compilations of films from their long-running Independent Exposure series. For a preview of what to expect, visit their website or stop by a regular screening at Phaidros Café in Shibuya.

I’d never heard of these screenings at the Phaidros Cafe. Might be something I should look into.