Infernal Affairs II


I saw INFERNAL AFFAIRS II last night, and it’s definitely a must-see, especially if you enjoyed INFERNAL AFFAIRS. It’s a different movie from the first one though (as described in the review from TIME ASIA), and instead of a thriller we get a crime family drama (think Scorsese mafia movie). The focus this time is more on the police chief and main baddie of the first one, and we find out how close a relationship they used to have, and how things went sour. I honestly can’t say which one I liked best, and am now even more anxious to see the next one, which I think is being released in December (although I still can’t understand how they’ll be bring back Tony Leung’s character). Watching so many HK movies lately has me thinking that I need to go again sometime soon, and I think December might be a good time to go (we really enjoyed going in December 2 years ago), which would be perfect timing to see INFERNAL AFFAIRS III in theatres there.