After 2-3 weeks of pretty much no outings, this weekend is setting up to be a busy one, especially with the Monday holiday that makes it a long one. Today we went to DisneySea, which is something I kept saying we would do for 2 years now. It was actually loads of fun, with the JOURNEY AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH ride being the hit for me (next is the Indy ride, and worst is definitely the 20 000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA bore). The most annoying thing at these theme parks is still the wait for rides, and even though the Fast Pass system helps, you still end up only being able to use it once or twice. We were lucky to be able to get on the JOURNEY ride a second time at the very end of the day with absolutely no wait, 5 minutes before the close of the park.

Tomorrow night we take the bus for another mountain trek, this time to Mount Norikura. We get to the top of the mountain (3000 meters) very early Monday morning, and we’re free to hike most of the day before our return in the mid-afternoon. Should be quite cold at that altitude at this time of the year, so we’ll definitely go there prepared (not like the asses we made of ourselves when we went to Tateyama last month).

At the end of the week, I rush from work to go directly to Shinjuku to hop on a night bus to Osaka for a weekend in Kansai. It’s nice to have a busy schedule after the weeks of inactivity.