Adam and Joe and Dr. Nakamats

You absolutely need to watch the new BBC series ADAM AND JOE GO TOKYO (see my post from yesterday that links to an article on the show). I’ve just watched the first episode and I couldn’t stop laughing. If you come to my site for the latest in Japanese pop culture, well this is the video equivalent, with a great sense of humour. In the show they did a toys top 5, had super-popular comedy duo Tetsu and Tomo do their famous “Nande Darou” song (with English subs), did a piece on cosplay, had a priceless interview with Dr. Nakamats (the guy was just so funny), and they finished off with a live performance by the Polysics (Devo with a Japanese twist), a band I like. For you Brits, it’s on BBC 3, and for the rest of you, start searching those P2P networks.