Both my Macs (17″ iMac and iBook) are now running Panther (Mac OS 10.3), and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still being blown away by the speed difference. Everything is coming up faster, selecting things is smoother, it’s just a joy to move around and do things. Really feels like I’ve gotten a new machine. The interface in general is also slicker, and I’m liking the changes I’ve seen here and there. I’m also addicted to the quick user switcher feature, and I keep switching between my account and Yuko’s just to see the cool transition effect that happens when you do. Only problems I had, which were quickly fixed, were the inability to type the letter “a” (due to a program I use with iTunes called Synergy – a quick visit to their site revealed an update of the program that already fixed this), and problems with my Airport network (I share my iMac’s Internet connection with my iBook, and the iBook wasn’t able to connect to the Internet after the upgrade on the iMac, but when I also did the upgrade on my iBook everything was fine). The following is an excellent guide to the new features found in Panther (link via Joi Ito’s blog).