Geisha Flows in Me

I’m rather busy of late working on the redesign of the site (fingers crossed for a launch in a week or two), and yet I still find myself creating pages of GEISHA. I get an idea while doing something, and then try something different with it, and lo and behold I end up with an image that I would like to put in a new issue of GEISHA. Damn it, I’m not supposed to be doing that, I need to concentrate on the redesign, must not do anything else…

As far as the redesign goes, I think I’m almost satisfied with what the homepage will end up being, and now I need to start fleshing out the rest of the site, and creating content for the other pages. For example, I plan on creating a more detailed “about” page, including a colophon, as well as a look back at the previous versions of the site (and maybe even my 3 and a half run of columns I wrote for my previous site, AS).