Top Searches of October 2003

It’s the end of the month, so time again for a look at the top searches for the month. Looks a lot like last month, except for the top.

1. kill bill poster – Certainly a result of my excitement for Tarantino’s new film.

2. kill bill bootleg trailer – Which I quite enjoyed.

3. kill bill bootleg – And I’m already thinking about seeing it again.

4. steamboy – Ah, the Katsuhiro Otomo film that just keeps getting pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back…

5. rah xephon – Damn, I really need to watch this series.

6. happatai – Still getting my happatai regulars I see.

7. battle royale cosplay – I wonder who’s interested in this, Japanese people or Westerners.

8. woori bank – Poor, poor Woori Bank.

9. bibimbap – Reminds me that I need to go out for some. Maybe this weekend.

10. takeshi’s castle – As I write this, there’s another crazy Takeshi show on TV. He’s dressed like a doctor, and a foreign woman is pushing a Japanese guy on a cart.

11. ganguro – I was in total shock the other day when I saw a couple of them walking down the street. I thought
they had all disappeared.

12. kimchee – Don’t come here to talk about kimchee. I don’t like kimchee.

13. zatoichi trailer – When will this damn movie come out on DVD!

14. ikko tanaka – I’m still sad that I didn’t get a chance to go see the recent exhibit. This weekend I’d like to check out the new Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills.

15. japanese smileys – I’m surprised to always see this show up. One post goes a long way.

16. lost in translation posters – I thought it was cool to see Tarantino do the promotion of KILL BILL in Japan while
wearing a LOST IN TRANSLATION t-shirt the whole time.

17. chikan – They are bad. When Yuko comes home late at night from the university, I usually walk down the street to meet up with her because she’s afraid of getting confronted by one.

18. infernal affairs ii – Great film, and worthy follow-up to the first one. The next sequel should be interesting as well, and it comes out in December.

19. penis festival – And what a celebration it is!

20. juon 2 – I still get creeped out everytime I see the poster.