Plus-Tech Squeeze Box


The musical gods have descended and given us Plus-Tech Squeeze Box. I just watched episode 8 of ADAM AND JOE GO TOKYO, and the performance at the end was by the above-mentioned band. Oh my. So good I had to watch it again right after. I absolutely must pick up their full-length album, FAKEVOX. Found the following link with more info. Here’s a snippet:

God never intended for man to flawlessly combine tech-rap, waltz-time punk and neo-acoustic into two-minute pop nuggets, but Plus-tech Squeeze Box defies our Lord time and time again. The two-man unit – Tomonori Hayashibe(prog) and Takeshi Wakiya(gt,ba) along with supporting vocalists Yuppa and Wanta – filter, process, slash and steal all the magic out of every possible genre and put them together in perfect harmony.