Matrix Revolutions

Went to see MATRIX REVOLUTIONS last night, and have to say I had a great time watching it. I found it a bit slow starting up, and I’m not so sure about that ending, but those battle sequences were breathtaking. Probably because of the nature of the film playing, there were quite a few trailers for new anime at the start, including a new series called SAMURAI something by the same people behind the anime sequences in KILL BILL, as well as a new animated film coming out next Spring called GANTZ. Both featured absolutely stunning animation (especially stylized in the samurai series). The next thing that caught me off guard was the theatre announcement before the film started. We’re now used to getting warnings about turning off our mobile phones, or not smoking, but this time there were explanations on evacuation procedures in case of an earthquake that felt like the security demonstrations you get before a flight takes off. The theatre I went to, Ikebukuro Tokyu, is on the 7th floor of a building, so maybe that had something to do with it.