Pretty Magazines

I was at Junkudo earlier, checking out the latest issues of BRUTUS and CASA BRUTUS, and I found myself getting too excited while leafing through them. It happens to me, I turn the pages, and I’m just so into all the stuff that’s there, and then the next page just gets better, and then I feel like I’m getting info overload as I can’t stop to concentrate on one thing. BRUTUS was taking a look at the art of stamps, and included some new works in the form of stamps by a few Japanese artists, like Groovisions and Murakami. There was some really nice stuff. CASA BRUTUS was beautiful as always, featuring something they called “slow architecture,” basically structures that use nature in their makeup (like a house covered in grass for instance). As I was bringing them back to the stands, I spotted another design magazine from House Mook (I forget the title) that looked a bit like CASA BRUTUS. I’ll have a look at it on my next visit.