It’s been a busy week for me and my friend Ola [pic 12]. Shorly after FutureDesignDays we took a flight [pic 1] to the royal capital of Sweden, the lovely city of Stockholm [pic 5], to celebrate the 25th birthday of a mutual friend, also named Ola [pic 6]. We were suppose to take a slow friday before the party on saturday but ended up going clubbing anyway. At Grodan nightclub one of my friends dropped his pants infront of Swedish R&B-singer Robyn [pic 11] and her ultimate fighting boyfriend which I thought was hilarious (note that nobody got hurt).

Another friend, Olle [pic 3 right] was kind enough to lend us his apartment which was situated close to the new Clarion Hotel [pic 2+4] at Sodermalm. A really nice hotel that has the ambition “to mix the relaxed, connecting and curious atmosphere of an international back packer hostel with the obvious service, quality and environment of a contemporary first class hotel.”

The birthday party was a huge succes with people from all over Sweden, from Ostersund in the north to Helsingborg in the south, representing different cultures and subcultures, from Issey Miyake catwalk models to snowboard freaks and the usual drunks – all charing boundbreaking joy through music and good food enhanced by the legal drug alcohole. As one of our presents we gave the birthday child an alco-helmet filled with 12 year old dark rum [pic 6] which made this white dreadlocked guy stand out even more in the follow-the-style-of-the-leader parts of stockcity.

I love the picture of me and the former fitness champion of Sweden; Eva-Linda Karlsson [pic 7] (at least we caught the best part of her on film). Another guy showed up in a Narcissistic Youth t-shirt [pic 8] designed by my friend Ola [pic 12] which was also fun since it was made in a limited edition and is quite hard to find.

After two late nights which both ended at Berns (thanks to Fredrika from Superlounge for helping me skip the cue and payment), I spent the late sunday having a coffee at Svart Kaffe (japanese info here) together with my friend Ken from Tokyo [pic 10]. We both missed Tokyo reading news articles about shopping in Tokyo, watching the Futura2000 posters on the wall and chatting about old party memories.

We were suppose to catch some movies at the Stockholm Filmfestival but since we slept in we didn’t get any tickets and ended up watching the new Clint Eastwood movie Mystic River [pic 9]. Despite great actors and loads of good reviews it turned out kinda silly, especially some scenes in the end that should have been cut out completely.

Update (16/08/13): This post was part of a week-long “Next Century Modern Blog” stint, by guest blogger Jesper Larsson.