Death of an iBook

It’s a sad day today as my iBook (which marked my first foray into the Mac world) has died. It got dropped on its side a month or two ago, and the power plug got bent, as well as the insides. We still managed to get it working until now, but you would sometimes have to play around with the plug. Today it just stopped. There’s no way to turn it on as it’s completely dead (no life in the battery). I brought it to a store that sells Macs near my place just to see if the problem was with the plug, but a new plug didn’t help. I know how expensive it is to get these things fixed (it’s not under the warranty anymore), so I don’t think there’s much I can do about it. I might bring it to the new Apple Store that opens next week in Ginza to see what they have to say, but I just can’t see myself paying 50-60 000 yen for repairs (I checked the US site for info and that seems to be the average price of repair for an iBook if it’s not something major). It’s not like I was using it anymore, but Yuko now has no computer at home, which means we’ll have to share the iMac. Fast-user switching is finally going to come in handy, but it still won’t be as nice as when we each had our machines to use anytime or anywhere (she won’t be able to write at her desk where all her books and papers are).

I hate it when computers die. Same thing happened to my old Compaq laptop (problem with the power plug).