Apple Ginza

The new Apple Store opens in Ginza this Sunday, and now comes news that they’ll also be opening a store in Osaka next year. A look at the event schedule for the store shows tons of things happening every month, and the press release mentions the presence of “Mac specialists who speak 10 different languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.” Don’t know if I’ll go on Sunday, but at the very least I’ll be there next week for a visit. I’ll also bring my dead iBook to see if there’s anything affordable that can be done to it.

Edit: Plus this news about the iTunes Music Store: “Steve Jobs is presently visiting Japan to celebrate the opening of the Apple Store Ginza and announced that Apple will be launching the iTunes Music Store for the Japanese market in 2004. Napster has reportedly made a similar announcement as well, with both companies currently in negotiations with Japanese record labels.”