Blogging from Ginza

I’m at the new Apple Store in Ginza right now, using one of the 18 iMacs that are freely available for Internet use and video chatting. It’s nice to be in a place where you know everyone is pretty much a Mac user. I was at the Genius Bar getting my iBook looked at, and they’ll contact me with an estimate later on. Seems like they’ll have to change some board or something, so I still don’t know if I’ll have it fixed or not, depends on the price. Nice to be able to get service in English by a staff who know what they’re talking about (versus big electronic stores like Bic Camera where they’re pretty much clueless).

Sitting not far from me is an older woman, and she’s being showed by an employee how to use the Internet, all the while exclaiming a few utterances of kawaii (cute) at the little icons and such.

I think I’ll stop at the big Muji store in Yurakucho before heading back home. It’s always fun to see the new stuff they have, as well as see what’s brewing in the “atelier.”