B0000CEB8V.09.MZZZZZZZThe new Sketch Show album, LOOPHOLE, has been on fairly heavy rotation in my iTunes and iPod of late. It’s not a totally new album as it features a few tracks from their recent EP, but how can you fault something that’s still very good (and that EP, TRONIKA, was also excellent). A few tracks also re-team the two YMO members with Ryuichi Sakamoto, which makes it sort of a YMO reunion. I think I mentioned the fact that they played a couple of Sketch Show videos at the Resfest this year, and it’s nice to see them still experimenting with sound and visuals. I remember seeing them on the NHK show TOP RUNNER last year, and their performances were very cool, surrounded with lights and screens showing interesting imagery. Definitely something to pick up.