Apartment 2004

An exhibit going under the name Harajuku Collaboration Apartment 2004 will be taking place at the Laforet Museum from January 1. I recently read an article in TOKYO WALKER that featured lots of pictures of the displays and it looked quite interesting. Here’s what REALTOKYO has to say:

Artist collaborations are far more than plentiful these days, and turning empty rooms of apartment or any other buildings into exhibition space isn’t exactly new either. To top it off, the “apartments” these collaborations are shown in aren’t even real… I could go on carping, but there are a couple of things about this energetic project that intrigue me: One, that it kicks off on January 1, and two, the list of participating artists. Promising contributions include a work by Noda Nagi + Theatre Products, as well as the “The Shogatsu TV!” by Sootome Keiko + Hosokawa Toru. If you are planning a New Year visit to nearby Meiji Shrine, why not drop by.