Out the Window

OUT THE WINDOW – SPACES OF DISTRACTION is an exhibit that will be taking place at the Japan Foundation Forum from January 10. Sounds quite interesting from the REALTOKYO blurb:

Li Zhenhua (Beijing), Suh Jinsuk (Seoul), and Sumitomo Fumihiko (Tokyo): Three spirited curators from three Far East Asian capitals collaborate on an ambitious exhibition project. They selected works/artists inextricably linked to video/digital imagery and technology, which they present via video screenings, installations, performances. The first of its kind, this epoch-making event is sure to find its place in the annals of art history. Artists include Shi Qing from China, Lee Hyungkoo from Korea, and Bowda Katsushi, Ise Shoko, Tanaka Koki, Pol Malo from Japan. Now if this isn’t a project that makes western artists and curators jealous…

You can find more info here and here.