A Real Swordfight

Takeshi Kitano is at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam to help promote ZATOICHI, and it seems like he’s having a good time there (from AICN): “Mr Takeshi started with apologizing, explaining that this was the 3rd screening he had to introduce that night, the first two being screenings for invited VIP’s and that between screenings he had had a couple of glasses of wine, and that he in fact was a bit drunk. He was sorry that he was drunk especially since we actually paid for this screening. He then went on to say that there have been a lot of Japanese sword fights recently in movies, naming Kill Bill and the Last samurai, but that Zatoichi was the first real Japanese sword fight movie, because well, he was Japanese. And those other movies were fake American Japanese sword fight movies. As most sword fights only last very short with two hits as most he wanted to show that.”