Almond Corner

Klein Dytham Architecture is presently holding their exhibit ALMOND CORNER IS ROPPONGI CROSSING at SuperDeluxe until March 6. Here’s the RT blurb:

If the artists jostling at Mori Art Museum are creating a formation to advocate the revitalization of Japanese aplomb (in a “zone pressing” of sorts), then nearby Super Deluxe is providing the libero, selected from artists appearing at their numerous (more-or-less Mori-related) superb events. Exhibiting at Super Deluxe until March 6 are Klein-Dytham Architects. The theme of their show is Almond, the pink-and-white-striped coffee shop on the corner of Roppongi Crossing that has been watching people traverse the intersection for decades. Those pink and white stripes now dominate the interior of Super Deluxe, and to have them staring at you from every direction is an uncanny experience.