Kim Ki-Duk

Looks like I’m going to have to get a hold of some films by Korean director Kim Ki-Duk. From RT:

With his unique style, director Kim Ki-duk has created himself a reputation as a “Korean Kitano Takeshi” (or Miike Takashi if you want) at festivals around the world. His provocative films have ambivalent qualities mixing vitriolic stories and beautiful images, which is probably a result of the filmmaker’s experiences as a painter in Paris. This is the 7th film of Kim Ki-duk, whose 10th one has just won a prize at this year’s film fest in Berlin, and it made my lurch when I saw it at Pusan International Film Festival in 2001, when “Bad Guy” was released. It kicks off a series of recent works by the director to be shown in Japan, so be prepared for a Ki-duk-flavored whirlwind hitting the country.