Sync with the Mobile

I’m at the Ginza Apple Store right now, and I finally found out what the deal is with those 2 different products that were at the Reudo site regarding using iSync with your mobile phone. The difference between the Sync Plus and the Sync for Mac OS X is that the first one (the newer product) comes with a cable that is a bit faster (but that doesn’t really affect the speed because of the limits at the mobile end) and newer software that supports iSync. The Sync Plus, which is also more expensive (around 8000 yen) doesn’t come with support for AU phones (that’s me and Yuko), but I can buy the cheap Sync for Mac OS X product (around 6000 yen) that supports AU phones, and I’m able to download the upgrade to the newer software that will let me use iSync.

All that being said, I’m getting it. I’m also really wanting to get an iSight, and then convince my parents back in Canada to get a webcam for their PCs, and then we’ll be able to do video chats now that AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 supports video chats with iChat users. And those Porter iPod cases are looking mighty fine…