Seung H-Sang and Yung Ho Chang

index_imgThese days I’m getting more and more interested in art happenings from China, be it design or architecture, so this exhibit taking place at Gallery MA that looks at the architectural works of Seung H-Sang from Korea and Yung Ho Chang from China might be worth a visit. Here’s the RT blurb: “A showcase of two of the “most spirited architects in Asia” planned under the supervision of architectural historian Muramatsu Shin. Seung H-Sang from Seoul and Yung Ho Chang from Beijing have crossed national borders and are active in Japan: Both exhibited works in the Japanese pavilion at the 2002 Venice Biennale, and have been involved in design of Prefectural housing in Gifu. This exhibition features their most recent works: Yung’s using traditionally Chinese earthen walls, and Seung’s using Corten steel. While both displays are impeccably presented, they lack the excitement that would make this event more than “educational.”