Muji Gorgeous!!

I mentioned seeing it in bookstores the other day, and last night I picked it up at Junkudo on my way back from work. It’s of course the latest CASA BRUTUS special, the second one covering Muji. It’s theme? “Muji Gorgeous!!” It’s all quite similar to what the previous special did, which is covering latest happenings in the Muji world, how Muji is being used in the homes/offices of famous people (mostly in the world of design) around the world, but this time they take a special look at how Muji goods can be customized to a point of looking quite glamorous (like they do in their “Chateau Muji” pictorial). The wrapound is in the same Muji brown paper as the last issue, but this time we get foil embossed ruby lettering and graphics on the cover. A must-buy for any Muji-lover.

The April issue of the regular magazine also just came out. The cover puts you in a Spring mood:

Update (16/08/21): That cover image is unfortunately no longer available. I’m sure it was nice and springy though.