Philippe Starck Made My Day

Well, sort of. I’ve had a Philippe Strack designed Fossil watch for about 2 years now, a birthday present from Yuko. It’s been a good watch, although the wear and tear definitely shows (scratched glass, discoloration, etc.). 2 weeks ago it finally died, which I figured meant it was time for a new battery. I brought the watch back to Seibu’s Loft in Ikebukuro, where we got it, and asked for a new battery. Since I didn’t have a warranty or insurance for it (can’t remember if we ever got one), I had to pay 1500 yen for the battery, which seemed fair. With the new battery in, the watch seemed fine. A week later, I woke up and saw that the watch had died again. I went back to Loft and after checking the watch, the very nice man working there said that it wasn’t a problem with the battery, but rather with the watch. Even though I didn’t have a warranty, he said he’d try to push the company that makes the watch to fix it for free. While we were there, Yuko had him look at her Gucci watch that recently got some water damage that she didn’t even buy there (she bought it last year at an online auction), and he fixed it for her, free of charge (the people at Gucci quoted her a crazy price to get it fixed). So today I went back to Loft to pick up my fixed watch (they had called yesterday), and I got there only to find out that they had a brand new watch for me! Gotta love that kind of service.