P5 Geekfest

B0001DD29C.09.MZZZZZZZOur Pizzicato Five evening ended up being an absolute blast. Peter and Patrick both bought the DVD sets that night (Patrick at Towers, and then Peter at HMV because Towers was already sold out – Patrick had reserved his), and then we went straight to my place for some sukiyuki, beer from Fiji (where Peter lives), and lots of P5 viewing. It was great to “geek” out like that for a night. I mean, I can’t say that I listen to P5 all that much anymore, but that night we just watched the videos, talked about our experiences with the band (gigs, first listens, favorite songs), and it brought a lot of things back. The set itself is amazing, and I would love to be able to buy it. Of the 7 DVDs included (and you could get a bonus 8th DVD if you bought the set at Towers or HMV, but I didn’t find that disc that interesting), I loved the only one that was new (not previously released on VHS), which included all sorts of TV commercials, live appearances, and backstage bits. The TV appearance with Konishi doing his best Kraftwerk impression is worth the price of the whole set alone (also loved their cover of a Les 5-4-3-2-1 track). Now I feel like going back and listening to my P5 album collection…