NE-O Wants You!

A while back I was totally blown away by Futureshock’s “Late at Night” video, by design group NE-O, and now they ask me to share this notice for a shoot that will take place in Tokyo:

We are looking for western people for a Sony Ericsson TV commercial for the UK and Europe. You don’t need to be good looking, as it’s not what we are after. Anyone aged 20-50. The fee is TBC. The shooting date will be April 21-24, from 5pm to 3-4am [we only shoot at night time…]. If you are interested, please send us some pictures and your contact number [face and whole body would be great] to this email address:

Sounds very cool, and I would love to participate, but my schedule doesn’t permit it. If one of you readers ends up being in this, I would love to hear how the whole thing went (send me a report and I’ll post it here).