If you mix art and a cafe space, you know I’m going to be there. The TABITEN show takes place at the Uplink Gallery‘s cafe, and here’s more info from REALTOKYO:

This is a group exhibition on the theme “travel”, shown in the cafe space of Uplink Gallery. The event includes a special display of Roger McDonald’s “Moving Collection” (until 5/12). Further shown are Magic Kobayashi’s videos on Kho Phi Phi and Machu Pichu, Lara Baladi’s and Mochizuki Shinichiro’s postcard-style photographs, and other works that certainly share a sense of traveling. Even the embroidery works of Aoyama Satoru and Kuronuma Mayumi — especially, ehem, “Panty” and “Sanadamushi (tapeworm)” — look quite suitable here. Get yourself a sunny place in the cafe, order a Chinese tea, and embark on your own imaginary travel.