Tokyo Fun Party

I’m not really into the sounds of Usagi-Chang Records, but I know a bunch of people who are, and so I’ll share this info about the Tokyo Fun Party event taking place at Uplink Factory on April 24. Here’s the rundown from RT (yeah, it’s pretty obvious that I’m catching up on REALTOKYO news bits this morning):

This event is organized by the “Tokyo Fun Party”, and fun is what you can surely expect. The party advocates “cute pop music for the new century,” and although the results are sometimes hard on the edge of childishness, the artists appearing this time have surprised in the past with high-quality music. On the bill are among others Micro Mach Machine, Aprils, and the “mondo ’80s electro collage duo” Mondo Coffee featuring Kawatory, who is known from his remixes for the likes of Cornelius and Sakamoto Ryuichi. The party will again feature a secret special guest, which is going to be an artist from Queens, New York this time. Now who could that be?