Inrin of Joytoy

vicl61249I’ve been wanting to write a post on self-proclaimed “eroterrorist” Inrin of Joytoy for a while now, but Robert beat me to it. Born in Taiwan but living in Japan since the age of 10 (although Yuko says her Japanese sounds strange and that she often doesn’t understand certain words), she’s become quite the TV celebrity, appearing on various shows, talking about her famous “Inrin pose,” in which she spreads her legs wide open (you can probably find a few examples of the pose at this site, where she’s described as “Asian Sexiest Erotic Model-Actress-Vocalist). Robert mentions her as being an AV star, but I think that’s misleading as she doesn’t do any nudity or sex videos. As for the Joytoy part of her name, it’s the name of her music unit, and you can watch the sexy video for her “Get Some Real Fun” single here. Pictured in this post is the cover of her album.