Home with HIRD + G-PER


Today I met up with swedish artist HIRD. After a coffee we went to his studio (Pic 2) to listen to his newly finished album, due for release in Japan in August. Some tracks featured the lovely voice of Yukimi Nagano, mostly famous for her work with swedish duo Koop.

I didn’t get a chance to make up my mind about the album, cause there was so many other interesting things (pic 3) in his messy studio that caught my attention. Like a calender from one of my favourite swedish satire / comic artists; Jan Stenmark (pic 5). I really liked the optimistic message of this one: the guy on the left says “One day we are all gonna die” and the right one goes “All the other days we shall not”

HIRD, or Christoffer, is an active man. He’s currently involved in the preperations for Tokyo Style in Gothenburg, but also one of the artists at Everwanting Streets, another event taking place in Gothenburg.

After meeting Hird and some other people I went home to my friend G-Per who also makes music (I’m eager to hear him record the lyrics for his future hit; working title “Keep on Truckin”) and also has a messy apartment. Both me and G-Per loves the design of the new European Championship in Soccer-cans by Coca-Cola (Pic 1). He also kept telling me that you shouldn’t leave the house unarmed (Pic 4).

Update (16/08/21): This post was part of a week-long “Next Century Modern Blog” stint, by guest blogger Jesper Larsson. The photos are no longer available.