Paper Sky 9 and BOOK246

A new issue of PAPER SKY is out (9), and it looks like they’ve launched a new English version of their site (although only the Japanese version has info on the new issue). I imagine this is to coincide with the launch this month of a new US edition of the magazine.

Paper Sky is pleased to announce the release of its US edition. We will be celebrating the release throughout the Spring and look forward to meeting our readers at events around the country. Check back in the coming days for a list of places where you can find the magazine and us this year.

Also, the Japanese site has news of the opening of a new bookshop in Aoyama produced by PAPER SKY. Scheduled to open May 12, it’s called BOOK246 (the site doesn’t have any content yet) and will have a travel theme, with a touch of style (like the magazine itself).

Lattice Aoyama 1F
1-2-6 Minami-Aoyama
Tel: 03-5771-6899
Access: 2 minutes from Aoyama 1-Chome station

Looking forward to checking it out!